About Me!

Christina Fidler is an award-winning 2D character animator with passions in directing, screenwriting, and community arts organization. Born and raised in New York City, she took the journey to Baltimore, Maryland to receive a BFA in Animation at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).  There, she served as the President of the Maryland student chapter of Women in Animation based at MICA, working alongside her colleagues to create workshops, panels, and empowering spaces for gender inclusion and cultural diversity.

Her work plays with the tensions between anxiety and comedy. Twitchy lines, fast-paced gags, and off-kilter universes help her make sense of this fever-dream of a world we live in.  

Christina is currently a Junior 2D Character Animator on an upcoming Comedy Central digital production. Her thesis film, “Condolences from the Vulgar Tongue or (Boner)” has also recently entered the festival circuit, receiving recognition from programs such as Animation Block Party, Sweaty Eyeballs, and Couch Film Festival.