Roses for Baltimore – NXPA Media

February 2021
Wrote, boarded, animated, and colored the intro (0:00 – 0:17) and transition sequences. Designed characters, fully rendered layouts, and created the final composite for completed animations.

Pitchin’ Impossible – Comedy Central¬†

June 2020 – September 2020
Pitched gags and animated sequences (from rough to final composite) for four episodes of Comedy Central’s “Pitchin’ Impossible”. The first episode can be found below!¬†

Condolences from the Vulgar Tongue or (Boner)

June 2020
Huxley, a jaded dog and victim of the universe, chooses to burden himself with the responsibility of arranging his mother’s funeral. Little does he know that by enlisting in a questionable marketing scheme as a door-to-door bone salesman, his success comes at a price.